My name is: Jean-François Durocher

For the last 14 years, I have worked on many kind of games as a hobby. My first game made was a 3D shooter maze game on a TI-80 calculator. Here is a list of games that I made in my life: some Mario Bros clone, a Tetris clone, a kind of puzzle maze game, some 2D RPG games, a prototype version of a 3D RPG game and a clone of Mario Party. Here is a list of game engines that I used for making games: Game Maker, RPG Maker (including the Ruby langage), Macromedia Flash Professional, Visual Studio (C++) and Unity 3D (C#).

I'm currently alone making this project, but when I will receive money from Kickstarter, I will recruit a team to help me in this project.

My dream is to build my own game studio.